He who controls the food, controls the world.

GMO foods aren’t genetically altered to make them stronger so
they can resist drought, insects and other problems. They are
altered to make them immune to roundup (or other brands that make
GMO plants, it’s not just Monsanto but they’re the biggest, no one can touch them..
This way you can spray a chemical/
herbicide on them that destroys all plant life,
except the GMO plant. NOW, here’s the part that scares me. I did
an experiment in 4th grade where we took celery in a glass and
added colored water then we would watch as the colored water
worked it’s way up the celery…. If colored water does this
then the roundup herbicide is also doing this, SO, you think
your making your food safe by washing the chemicals off the
outside of fruits & veggies? NOPE! They’re inside every cell,
you can’t wash that away, so, you’re eating roundup. Now, what I
want to know is, would you go to your local store, by some
roundup and drink it from the container, no way!! It’s poison,
but yet, you’re eating it almost every day, and we wonder why
diseases are increasing, cancer is at an all time high.

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