At Least 2 Good Reasons to Vote for Trump

By Bryan G.
When this whole thing started, I was leaning toward Trump. I am sick of the typical republican/democrat political system, no matter which one is in office, things don’t get better. So choosing someone who isn’t part of that system looked good, then the news starts showing what a clown Trump is, and yea, I sucked it up just like most Americans did, so I started re-evaluating my vote, mainly my no-vote. Yup, I gave up, there is no candidate worthy of the office of president, then this news came out. 1st is the main reason I’m going back to Trump. I’ve always known that there is a group of people who actually control everything, referred to by many names, but mainly called a secret society. I guess I was naive, because I figured all the really rich were part of it, but this video shows that Trump is not one of the group that the Bush’s, Clinton’s, Rockefeller’s, Rothschild’s and so on are part of:

Click here for the same news clip with comments from Info Wars added.

I’m seeing in comments on news sites and discussion forums exactly how naive the general public is. Even after hearing this, people still deny it, they say Newt was joking. Anyone with half a brain can see, Newt is not joking, he’s upset society and at Trump, as are all those in the secret society. Me, I’m worried that there will be an assassination, just watch, Trump will have a heart attack or car accident if it starts looking like he will be president, as Newt said, we can’t have him in office, we can’t control him.

Now, you’ll see in this next video how Trump doesn’t bow to anyone, he’s saying it like it is. Many of us knew all this, but the general brainwashed public is blind to it.

Now, something else that was brought to my attention. With all the time both republicans and democrats had to dig up dirt on Trump, they couldn’t find anything. So instead they went through all his public statements and tried to make him look like a fool. They did this by taking video clips of things he said and piecing them together out of context knowing the public will suck it up like good media following sheep. They had to do this because they could not find anything he did that was unethical or criminal. Then, one more thing that sealed the deal for me was when Ben Carson endorsed Trump. Ben is a man of integrity, he doesn’t give his endorsement lightly.

Here’s someone who knows Trump, telling us more about him:

So, actually there are more than 2 reasons, but this article is about the 2 main reasons I’m going back to Trump.

More to think about. Why would the “neutral” media be working so hard to slander Trump? Well, we learned that in the first video, there is a secret society, and this society runs the media among other things.

Still don’t believe? This is something I’m sure all have learned, well, the older generation knows this, we were taught this when we, as a country, were afraid of the Russians. We were taught that the first thing you do when taking over a country is take over the media, then the schools. So, common sense tells you that if there were some group that wanted to take control of a society/country, this is what they would do, and, as Newt Gingrich just admitted, there is a secret society, so we can know what they have done, and who controls what we watch on TV and hear on the radio. It’s no accident that one man controls 90% of the media. There was a time when we had a law against monopolies, but now Ted Turner owns over 90% of the media, how? How did the law against monopolies disappear? The secret society, the really rich, removed laws like that when they finally had enough control.

Yea, I’m a “conspiracy theory nut”… But I did my research and these things are true, but most of all, Newt Gingrich just admitted it, so you can remove the “nut” from my title.