I’ve lived on this planet for 53 years, and I don’t believe I’ve ever witnessed anything like what I’m seeing today: namely, the constant government obsession with what’s inside the underpants of our nation’s children.

Endless examples abound, but the two latest ones that caught my eye are:

In the case of the first article (about toys), the justification follows standard lib-think. The White House (remember: your tax dollars at work!) sponsored a conference to break down gender stereotypes for toys, urging boys to play with dolls and art supplies, and girls to play with engineering building blocks. (Unsurprisingly, neither gender is urged to play with toy guns. Can’t have that.)

The logic behind this conference is this: Due to their horrific traditional upbringing by bigoted backward knuckle-dragging troglodyte parents, girls are not being sufficiently encouraged to enter traditionally masculine fields such as engineering (because they were given girl toys), and too many boys are being encouraged to enter traditionally masculine fields (because they were given boy toys).

It doesn’t seem to matter that the field of engineering is not suffering from a lack of engineers. All that matters is that some vague nebulous “barrier” is removed so girls will want to enter the field with enthusiasm. After all, traditionally female jobs such as teaching, nursing, or (gasp!) mothering are simply not good enough.

Progressives have been trying to figure out how to get (force?) more women into STEM fields for years. But here’s the simple truth progressives and the government refuses to recognize: Most women don’t want to enter these fields. In today’s culture, nothing prevents a woman from becoming an engineer except herself.

Don’t believe me? Here’s a website showing most popular degrees for men vs. women. Here’s another showing STEM jobs with the most men vs. the most women.

Given their druthers, what careers do women choose? Touchy-feely fields. Psychology. Teaching. Sociology. Nursing. Motherhood. These are fields where women shine due to their natural empathy, nurturing and emotional intelligence.

Given their druthers, what careers do men choose? Field where they can hit things or make things go chug-chug-chug. Fields where analytical aptitude is needed, such as engineering and mathematics. Fields where physical strength is needed, such as the military or athletics. These are fields where men shine due to their physical strength, protective instincts and spatial intelligence.

All of these fields are vital and necessary to society. All of them. What difference does it make how many men or women are represented in each?

But this isn’t good enough for progressives. They fight to put children into fields their brains aren’t comfortable with. And that’s not all – they also fight to make children uncomfortable with their own bodies.

Progressives – and by extension the government, since the government is now dominated by liberals – has this peculiar, disturbing interest in the mythical fluidity of gender and seems veritably obsessed with our children’s genitals. Boys can no longer be boys. They can’t be rough and tumble; they can’t like cars and planes and guns; they are considered evil if they scuffle and fight.

And girls – well, don’t get me started. A little girl can never want to be a housewife (possibly the most loathed profession in the country, with the arguable exception of IRS employees). She must want to be a firefighter, or a lawyer, or a doctor, or an engineer, or a soldier. (Well, maybe not a soldier. Today’s social justice warriors frown on anyone being a soldier.) She is urged to “empower” herself at a young age by “exploring” her sexuality. Rather than treating her body as something special, she is urged to let herself be used by as many randy boys as she can accommodate (since, after all, Planned Murderhood stands on the sideline, eager to get rid of any “issues” that result).

Now consider the second headline I referenced above. In the interests of protecting the “privacy” of kids, especially from the horrible knuckle-dragging troglodytes doing the raising, parents are being kept “in the dark about the gender identity struggles of their children.”

Bottom line, your son or daughter can be encouraged to adopt another gender at school – using the bathrooms and locker rooms of the opposite sex, assuming another name, wearing different clothing – and the parents will not be told.

Once again, the government is getting into the underpants of our children. I don’t know about you, but I find this creepy to the point of sinister. I’ll say it again: The government seems veritably obsessed with our children’s genitals.

Progressives do not want boys to be boys or girls to be girls. They want androgyny, where boys and girls are both the same in their interests, tastes, sexual exploits, mannerisms, chosen careers, physical abilities and any other standard you can think of.

Eerie, creepy dictators through history have known the value of capturing the minds of young children. “Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted,” said Vladimir Lenin. “He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future,” said Adolf Hitler.

Our government is actively encouraging children to be uncomfortable with their biological gender. If they’re not being led down the primrose path of “fluidity,” they’re actively discouraged from acting like normal boys or girls. Needless to say, this influences their ability to assume traditional biological roles. Men will no longer feel the urge to protect and defend, either women or our nation. Women will no longer feel the urge to nurture and protect, either children or home and hearth.

I don’t know why this is so trendy, but I’ll leave you with yet another creepy, eerie thought: Europe, and to a lesser extent America, is being flooded with a primitive, warrior people who aren’t interested in androgyny … but would welcome coming into an androgynous population.

Why? Because in a place where feeeeelings overcome logic and rational thought, nothing can prevent primitive warriors from killing androgynous men, and raping and subjugating androgynous women.

Something to chew on.