Death Stats

There is an image floating around Facebook comparing deaths from different circumstances with abortion first with the highest number and murder by guns at the bottom with the lowest number.murder-abortion-guns

There has been a lot of scrutiny over this, many people think it’s made up because there is too large of a difference between abortion and guns. Rather than just accept or deny it, I decided to look up the facts and see.

As I looked into it I found that he CDC didn’t have records newer than 2014 so I will use those states as they will be close enough for this purpose. The point being made is that there are more children being murdered by abortion each year than children dying from gun violence. The FBI has stats that go up to 2016, but just for equality I’ll also use the 2014 stats as a comparison.

This is to show how all those people out there screaming for gun control to make children safe, don’t really care about the children because if they did, they would look at the largest cause of children’s death.

Okay, here are some stats:
Death from abortion (2014) –  652,638
Death from car accidents (15 yrs old an younger) – 1,600
Murder by rifles (2014, including AR-15’s) – 258
Murder by ALL guns (2014) –  8,312

Abortion – CDC –
Traffic accidents –
FBI gun stats –

And with these stats, the gun deaths are not just children, it’s all ages, so if you were to just look at gun deaths to just children, it would be a even a smaller number.

Something I did find disturbing in my research was that the number 2 killer for children 10 and older is suicide (CDC info here). So what this tells us is that mental health is the number 2 problem in America. This also explains the mass shootings. As mass shootings get blamed on the guns, I had this question come to mind. This is not how it happens, people don’t just say “hey, I have a gun, I’ll go shoot people”? No, it’s the other way around, the person want’s to kill people, so he/she gets a gun.. So I ask myself the next question, if they couldn’t get a gun, then what? Well, their goal is to kill, so I would assume that if they can’t find a gun, they’ll find another way.

If they can’t get guns, then what? Well, here’s a scary answer. In Britain it’s acid attacks. in 2016 there were over 700 acid attacks, and it’s believed to be because of the strict gun laws (click here).

Oh, one last thing to throw in here. If it’s deaths we want to stop, the 3rd leading cause of deaths comes from the medical profession. If you want to stop deaths, march against this… (article here)


Traffic accidents – CDC –