The Medical Industry Scandal

More and more the medical industry is helping the government. I see a 3 ring circus here. The food industry feeds you poison, the doctors get a patient then prescribe medicine and the pharmaceutical company sells a drug….
But outside that circle, there is the problem that doctors just want to medicate you. Here I have some examples of doctors shoving drugs for no reason.

Blood Pressure Drugs:
I was just at the Doctors office for a headache/neck-ache, been having them lately and I think it’s from my motorcycle accident. He took my blood pressure sitting down, then laying down then standing up. All were 120 over 88 except the standing, it was 130 over 95 and he starts talking about blood pressure medicine. So I asked him to look at my blood pressure over the last few years and he said it’s always been good so I asked why would I take medicine and he said just to be sure. This really pissed me off, these blood pressure medicines are dangerous. If they are needed that’s one thing, but to drug someone up that is perfectly healthy with such a strong medication, in my opinion it’s criminal.

My daughter had a problem where at least once a month she would get sick. She would get a headache and stomach ache then usually puke. We went to a specialist and when she walked in the room, sat down and said “first, lets start her on Prilosec”. Never even talked to my daughter about her diet or symptoms…. My wife and I walked out. Later that year my wife and I started seeing a marriage counselor because we were arguing/fighting a lot. We fixed our marriage and my daughter got better, it was the stress…. and that damn doctor was going to drug my child.

I went to a sleep doctor about sleep apnea, before we even discussed what I was going through, he prescribed Prilosec. I walked out, a year later I was seeing a ear nose throat doctor and he said I had a narrow throat, got a cpap and problem solved. Many doctors are just drug doctors, its all for $