Vaccines are Destroying our Children

The debate goes on, do vaccines cause autism? Well, the verdict is out, but not publicized.
This is something that touches me personally about this. When my youngest daughter had her first vaccinations, she changed. She was always smiling and loved hugs, then, after her first vaccinations, it was 4 or 5 at once, she lost her emotions, no more smiles, would not look us in the eyes anymore. My wife and I were both freaking out, we had no idea what happened. It started the next day but just a little, as the days went on it got worse. We didn’t know what caused it, we thought about the vaccines because that’s the only thing that could have caused it but we never heard of this before. Not only did she not smile, she was like, emotionless and no longer liked hugs.

This caused me to start researching the affects of vaccines on children and the information was out there, you just had to look. I found many similar stories from parents that had no idea this could happen.

Now as I mentioned, this was our second daughter, what about our first? Well, like all parents we were over protective of our first child, so when it was time to get her first set of vaccinations, we only wanted one, not because of what was in them, we didn’t know, but because I didn’t want her getting stuck with the needle so many times in one day. Because we didn’t have a car and had to take the bus 20 miles through 4 towns, it was an hour at least, each way, so we told the doctor our problem and he worked with us on what vaccines were important and a schedule we could deal with. Her vaccines were around 6 months apart and we skipped many, so I assume that is why she wasn’t affected like her younger sister, but later we found out she was still ended up with a negative effect. Lianna developed an allergy to peanuts, and only when she was 12 did we find out that is related to her vaccinations as well.
Okay, enough about me, lets go to other sources. First, this video is shocking and I researched the content of it and found this video to be factual, you can do the same:

Here is another video, it talks about the reason why vaccinations are being forced on us:

Now I’d like to add a couple of articles:
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What I’m saying is you, as a parent, must research and decide for yourself. pharmaceutical companies have been sued for lying many times, they’ve also been caught paying doctors to give medicine and many doctors have been caught accepting money for giving drugs. When money is involved, you know corruption follows. 
You’re dealing with your child’s lifetime, as a parent it’s you that has to be informed, and not just by the doctor, they want to just vaccinate the heck out of your babies, but I was lucky with my first born, our doctor in Hawaii was more concerned with our daughter than making money and he was the one that agreed with spreading out the vaccinations, on the other hand, our doctor here in Wisconsin talked us into all at once, and our daughter paid the price, luckily she recovered.