13 year old dies from peanut allergy, people say “it’s no loss”

There is an article of a 13 year old girl that died in her fathers arms from her peanut allergy. Here are some comments from people that read the article, so cruel and heartless, angers me beyond belief that these dirtbags feel their need for peanuts is more important than children’s lives (article is here http://tinyurl.com/kukdfhl):

NEWSTERR90210 replies: Everyone dies, it’s not amatter of “if” but when, where and how, and with 316 MILLION In this country now it’s no loss.

tristan3616 says:
Hi my name is Tristan I am thirteen years old I have had an egg and peanut allergy ever since I was an infant. All you out there who think that your kid should not have to suffer, not being able to eat a peanut butter sandwich, just think if it was your kid that had the allergy. I go to school everyday and have to watch what I eat and what I touch so i do not die.
newsterr90210 replies:
keep in mind, it’s YOUR allergy, not everyone else’s…..YOU are who should be inconvenienced, not everyone else….sorry, but that’s just the facts of life.
newsterr90210 replies:
spectating says:
Wow. newsterr90210 and mecury69, I have never heard such blatant disregard for another human in my life. Especially children.”
Especially children? what makes you think that someone is worth more just because they are 12 instead of 22?
With 316 MILLION in this country, I don’t care about strangers I never met, never would have met, never talked to or communicated with or anything else, they are as meaningless to me as an ant colony under a tree in Taiwan is.
“Why don’t you with your apparently perfect genes read what you are saying. Why don’t you thank GOD that you don’t have these or other issues to have to live with”
WHICH god are you referring to? the oh perfect one who designed those defects to begin with, knew this event would happen (omnipotent) and then stood by and did nothing.Stepping in would have been as simple as a little gust of wind knocking the treat to the dirty ground where it wouldn’t have been eaten. This same god sure doesn’t spare the winds when he wants to cause mass murder in a tornado!
tmittelstaed says:
I also vehemently disagree with banning foods just because a single kid has an allergy. However I also think that if the parents told the camp that their kid had an allergy the camp had a responsibility to tell the parents that there would be peanuts used. The parents could then choose to not have their child attend.
Presumably this camp has made and served these treats before. Meaning that there would be peanut residue in the kitchen even if they made the treats without peanut butter. If the child was that severe then she shouldn’t have eaten any food at all made in the kitchen.
The fact is that a LOT of parents I have seen fake food allergies. They have a moral objection to peanuts, or jam, or whatever it is then they convince themselves that their kid is allergic to chocolate or whatever and then ***** at the school to change the school lunch, and ***** to all other mothers to stop using ingredient X. These parents are convinced their kid has an allergy and refuse to get it confirmed or carry treatment pens or whatever, when the real basis is they just object to the food item.
I even had one mother tell me once that her kid was allergic to “normal” peanut butter but NOT allergic to the expensive “organic” peanut butter.
It is at the point that a lot of manufactures say “this whatever made in a factory that processes peanuts” just because they don’t want to deal with the hassle.
0___0 says:
“It is about the kids – and their futures.”
It is the utmost of selfishness and greed to expect everyone to give up something just for one person.
It’s akin to not having a football team or any sports to appease the kid in the wheelchair.
The individual does not have more rights than the group.
HighlyCritical says:
Since when did it become acceptable to hold society hostage because your kid has an allergy?
0___0 says:
“It is about the kids – and their futures.”
It is the utmost of selfishness and greed to expect everyone to give up something just for one person.
It’s akin to not having a football team or any sports to appease the kid in the wheelchair.
The individual does not have more rights than the group
0___0 replies:
“It is a shame that parents like you can’t teach your children the value of consideration for others”
Consideration of others?
If you REALLY had consideration of others you’d keep your kid at home where YOU have the RIGHT to control the food.
You don’t have the right to ask 206 kids to give up their fun because 4 have some defect.
mecury69 replies:
Do you not realize how selfish you are? Do you know how many people are NOT allergic to peanuts?
It’s a shame to deal with…but deal with it you must. It’s your responsibility.
I think it’s a travesty that a whole school of children cannot enjoy a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch because of one child.
And the ONLY reason this policy is accepted is the threat of lawsuits….that’s it.
I’m sorry for your affliction…but deal with it. Stop forcing the rest of the world to deal with it as well.
0___0 replies:
Yes, the food Nazis have to take the fun out of growing up simply because their genes determined they would have a defective child.
So, instead of keeping that child at home where it is safe they force that child upon the rest of us and DEMAND that everyone else give up their rights.

newsterr90210 says:
“Nature’s way, survival of the fittest….This is all due to defective genes.”
“….other people should not have to do without because 1 in 1000 happens to have some wierd (sic) genetic flaw…”
“Bad genes, overpopulation, this is one of nature’s population controls. People who should have died in utero or childhood from some genetic caused malady or defect are being heroically saved and go on to reproduce and pass the defects along.”
And several other posts in this same vein.

newsterr90210 replies:
“Rev. Michael Kiernan says her death is hitting the church and the Carmichael community hard.”
Obviously they should be examining their choice of gods to worship, this one created the defect to begin with, knew this would happen abd then stood by and did nothing. He/she/it didn’t care, neither should we.