New World Order, is this for real?

President Bush Sr. was the first president I heard talking about it, and now it’s becoming a reality. The one who will bring this to be is the pope, he’s being subtle but persistant. The weapon the pope is using is guilt. He’s trying to make us feel guilty for not allowing these “poor suffering” people cross the border. I’m not going to write much, just post stories.

Instead of making this page a mile long, I decided to use pop up pages, so when you click on the following links, it will open up pages in pop-ups making it easier to go through the info. As new information comes up, I’ll add it to the top, not the bottom.

Here is John Kerry informing us about a borderless world to soon come (May 2016). click here

Here is Bush Sr. and Bush Jr. informing us of the coming “New World Order”. click here