Talk Radio Truth

Bryan G 7/17/14
I have a theory about all these radio talk shows. The first thing I noticed is that there are mainly conservative shows, I’ve never heard of a liberal one, but I can’t say there aren’t any. This is what started me thinking. People are upset about our country falling apart, rights are being taken away, immoral laws are growing, liberals are getting their way and destroying America. These talk shows are all a-buzz with chatter about people losing their rights, losing their religion, being forced to accept immorality and in the end, nothing changes. So then, why are they there? and why only (mainly) conservative?

My theory is that the elite ones, the ones in charge, set these up as a way to calm people. It’s like going to a counselor. You listen to others that are ticked off about the same things upsetting you. You call in and get do your bitching, get it off your chest. In the end, you feel better. This is what happens in therapy, you tell the doc all your concerns and worries and when you leave you feel better. When I was young we called it “getting off your chest”, in other words, once you verbalize it, you feel better.

So in the end, this helps calm the masses. Most of the horrific things our leaders do never made it to the news back when I was young, but in this information age they can’t keep everything quiet so stories leak out. There are many that don’t believe that conspiracies exist, these stories get dismissed, they figure it’s all some nut-job conspiracy theorists, and that is what the leaders want. Then there are stories that do get out, and I have a theory on that. Some are actual real stories that leak out, others are purposely put out to distract and some are lies. By mixing fake stories with real ones it’s even easier for the people to live in their fantasy world and not think there would ever be conspiracies.  This not only makes it easy for the common sheep to dismiss then, but also help them to look at the ones who believe think they’re nuts.