The Wako lie

There are many lies involved with the government murder of the Branch Davidians.

I was watching the live feed of the ATF raid on the Branch Davidians at Waco Texas. The news crews were 3 miles away but they had telephoto lenses and you could see what was happening. I remember this, I was glued to the TV, it was on PBS, channel 35 in Grand Rapids, MI.
There were things I seen that were horrific and so wrong. In one scene I watched 3 ATF agents crawl through a window and a 4th agent throw a grenade in that window, yea, right in the room his own agents were, then he started shooting into the same windows. Next you could see bullets coming out from that room as the ATF agents shot back at their own guy, yea, I never forgot that.
Once the internet came out I started searching for a video of what I saw and just about a year ago I found some videos, but only today did I find one of the scenes that shocked me.
The other main thing that blew my mind as I was watching this is that the ATF used tanks with flame throwers to burn the compound down. I was horrified as I watched the ATF start burning down the complex while there were still people in it, women and children.
Later on the news they said the Branch Davidians killed themselves by burning themselves up, but I seen the live video, the government burned them, I was shocked to hear the news lying about this. Common sense should tell you, If you’re going to kill yourself fire is the LAST thing you would use.
The American people just sucked up the government lies and to this day they believe them. The government killed innocent women and children then lied.
Everything in this video is real, I know because I watched it first hand, live and I remember it clearly, you don’t forget something like this. I’ve been searching this for years, because what they did stuck with me to this day.
This was the first time I realized how evil and deceptive our government is and how they will lie to the public and kill anyone they want.

I’m not saying the Davidians where blameless, but the government lied about many things, and they murdered the women and children in the compound and accused the Davidians of killing themselves.

Texas Rangers also testified that they collected 40 used shell casings found in and around a house used by the firearms bureau for surveillance of the compound before the raid. The casings — 12 .308 caliber, 24 .223 caliber, 3 .45 caliber, and 1 .22 caliber — indicated that the agents may have been firing into the compound from a distance of more than 300 yards on the day of the raid.
At least two defense lawyers, Mr. Cogdell and Jeff Kearney, suggested that agents firing from the house might have killed other agents raiding the compound.


Social workers with the Department of Child Protective Services had investigated allegations of child abuse and closed the case for lack of evidence.