Sheriff David Clarke – Newtown shootings

As usual, Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke minces no words, and predictably his reaction to the Newtown shootings has inspired an unhinged reaction from the usual precincts of the unhinged left. Here is the full text of Clarke’s statement:

Shame on liberals for exploiting tragedy once again in our country and try to use tragedy as a reason to take our rights away. Liberals are shameful.

We have to resist with the ferociousness of a junk yard dog, any, any attempt by liberals to make us less free by chipping away at our constitutional freedoms. The second amendment is as sacred a right as is first amendment or any other amendment.

I’ll be willing to have a conversation with liberals about gun control in the same conversation we should have about whether government should restrict our first amendment right or how about whether we should scale back our fourth amendment rights, how about restricting our 14th amendment due process rights? Let’s have a debate about the second amendment in that same conversation. Then let’s see what the left has to say about restricting our freedoms.

Liberals don’t care about curbing violence because if they did they wouldn’t coddle and call for more leniency for criminal perpetrators. When a hold-up man sticks a gun in someone’s face and takes their money, liberals want to offer job training, they want the criminal to serve their sentence walking round in the community with a monitoring device on. How crazy is that.

All the left is interested in is having the government control every aspect of our lives. Calling for gun control is just another aspect of furthering their socialist agenda.

All of these suggestions about the need for gun control are the mindset of sheep. Once the wolf is at the door, you’re helpless. Sure run and hide from a sociopathic killer. See how far that gets you. You know where that ‘ll get you? 26 dead at Sandy Hook School. No one could stop the shooting and the cops weren’t there yet. The only reason there weren’t more slaughtered is because the wolf took his own life before slaughtering more innocent sheep.

I would suggest that business owners remove those signs at their front door that guns are prohibited. It is nothing more than telling a sociopath that if they choose this place to slaughter people before carrying out their death wish that no one on site will be able to stop them or fight back. Do liberals really think that a sociopathic killer or even a hold-up man is not going to enter a place with a gun because a sign says guns prohibited?

Thinking that prohibiting guns within 1000 feet of a school creates a safety zone may sound warm and fuzzy. All its does is identify for a sociopath that he can slaughter as many people as he wants before anyone with a gun can stop him. In essence we have made schools more vulnerable to attack by mass murderers because the closest person who can stop the attack and limit the carnage is 1000 feet away and that’s just to get to the building. Then it takes awhile to figure out where the killer is even for law enforcement. Do you realize how many people will be killed by a mass murderer in that much time?

I have a better idea to all this run and hide advice. How about an armed tactical trained officer or security officer in every school and public place (theaters, malls ect) in America. How are we going to pay for it? With all the federal money we spend on “going green projects and other waste of money social service spending we do. And spare me the idea of more gun control. Gun control has never worked and never will. That’s a sheep mentality. It’s like saying lets capture all the wolves and then the sheep will be safe. Yeah right.

I’ve had it with these sociopaths slaughtering innocent people who are in no position to defend themselves.

I was in Jerusalem last year. You couldn’t go too far without seeing an Israeli border patrol agent, national police officer or security guard all armed with Uzi’s. It was impressive and I felt safe. They don’t talk about gun control in Israel to prevent violence. They dare gun toting perps to bring it.