MSM Falsely Blames Trump Supporters for Violence

Story from here: The Dailywire (click here)

The CNN video posted on its homepage on Sunday morning was a perfect illustration of what President Trump calls “very fake news.”

In the short video, the pretty talking head reads an intro into some clips from a gathering of Trump supporters. “A rally turned violent in California yesterday when supporters of President Trump clashed with protesters.” Then the clip starts, showing anti-Trump demonstrators disrupting the peaceful Trump supporters.

The same things happened in Salem, Oregon. “Less than 30 minutes into the event, about 50 anti-Trump protesters, many of them wearing all black with their faces covered, arrived,” KGW-TV, a NBC affiliate, reported. “Less than half an hour after that, a fist fight broke out. The crowd swarmed the fight, only backing away when an officer with the Oregon State Police and other witnesses yelled, ‘He’s got a gun.’ ”

The local Gannett newspaper, the Statesman Journal, spun the lead just like CNN: “A pro-Donald Trump rally turned violent Saturday when the group collided with counter protesters.” The piece was headlined: “Trump rally, protests turn violent at State Capitol,” but the body of the story says, “The skirmish started after a counter protester wearing black clothing seized a pro-Trump flag.”

The theme was repeated over and over across the mainstream media. For instance, “Pro-Trump Rally in Huntington Beach Turns Violent.” “A pro-Trump rally in Huntington Beach Saturday morning erupted in violence, according to the LA Times,” said the lead of the story.

And that LA Times story cited was headlined: “Violence erupts at pro-Trump rally in Huntington Beach Trump Rally.” But the story says this: “A man protesting the rally pepper-sprayed a female organizer of the rally, after which other pro-Trump supporters tackled and punched him.”

The Fresno Bee headlined its piece: “Three arrested after violence erupts at ‘Make America Great Again’ march for Trump in California,” re-running the LA Times story — which clearly said an anti-Trump protester started the violence.

Another paper, the Orange County Register, screamed “Pro-Trump rally draws 2,000 marchers, some protesters and a violent brawl.” Again, the story says anti-Trumpers caused the problems when “about a dozen protesters wearing black masks formed a wall blocking” peaceful Trump supporters.

Reuters wrote: “Supporters of President Donald Trump holding a rally on a popular southern California beach clashed with counter-protesters on Saturday and four people were arrested, law enforcement said.” Sure, you could say that. Or you could say “Supporters of President Donald Trump holding a peaceful rally on a popular southern California beach defended themselves when counter-protesters attacked them on Saturday.”

Seems like nearly every day the mainstream media proves Trump right on his charge that they sell “fake news.”

But you already know that.