Obama’s Secret Army

In case you haven’t been paying attention, obama has been slowly eliminating the military. He is the one that said he’ll bring our troops home when he campaigned, then once elected he’s deployed more troops than Bush. He knows that when we have civil unrest, the military will stand by the people, stand by the constitution (obama hates the constitution), if needed, they’ll go against the government, so he wants his own army (I mean his bosses want, he’s just a puppet). This is why there was an ammo shortage 2 years ago, when the government bought up billions of rounds of ammo, mostly .9mm, to arm his private army.

The ones pulling his strings are setting up something, I’m sure we’ll have martial law soon, this is why obama has sided with sharpton and jackson, to incite riots. Remember treyvon martin, the thug that was living with his dad when shot by zimmerman, well, the reason he was living with his dad was because his mother had it with him and kicked him out of her house because he was kicked out of school, again, this time for breaking into lockers. If he didn’t break into lockers, he wouldn’t have been living with his dad and thus, he would have never been shot. So, anyway, obama says “if I had a son he’d be just like treyvon”, yea, a thug, thief, criminal?? He said this to help racism, obama want’s whites to hate blacks and blacks to hate whites.
So, they want civil unrest, and they’re setting up their own army for this: