Lego Bible/The Brick Bible

This is NOT a Bible. People see “Lego” and think “wow, this would be great for my child”, well, it’s not. I’m sure there are many Christian homes that have this book and that is a BIG mistake. I know these are busy times, but this shows how important it is to look over every thing you give your children. Many parents will just buy this and give it to their kids figuring it’s a Bible, it’s safe, that is what a friend of mine did. Luckily he got a chance shortly after to look at it and he was shocked. I want to share what this book is about so hopefully people will not buy it and if they did, understand what’s in it and get rid of it.

First, something most people don’t know, the author is an atheist, yea, wow. So, right there, why would you buy a Bible written by someone that does not believe in the Bible or God? When you go through this book you’ll see he has a hate for God and is using this to not only lead children away from God but to make a little money doing that. Nothing makes me angrier than someone that leads people away from God.

Here is an excerpt from an interview with the author of the book:
I’ve been fascinated with religion ever since I became an atheist at about the age of 13. Prior to that I had been a regular churchgoer and my mother was even a Sunday School teacher at our local Episcopal church. But as my childhood was approaching its end, I had this idea (I’m not sure from where) that it would be a good idea to “prepare for adulthood” by consciously trying rid myself of what seemed like childish ways of thinking. I recognized superstitions for what they were, and tried to turn away from “magical thinking”. I didn’t intend for any of this to affect my religious beliefs, but in the end it did in a profound way, and soon enough I found myself the only atheist I knew amongst my family, friends, and community. And being in that situation really made me wonder just what it was about religion that kept so many others believing.

This atheist only focused on the death and destruction, not on why it happened or the love of God. Of course he didn’t include Psalms.

Instead of writing all my own opinions I decided to just take the reviews from















Now does that look like something a child should see?

I got it for my 9 year old son, who was super happy to see the bible in legos. He started to read it right away…. half hour later he comes to ask me questions about the first RAPE in the bible.. and why GOD was just this killing machine
Did I ever make a mistake for buying this for my children. The  interpretation of the bible by Brendan is sexual, violent, and vulgar. The relationship between David and Jonathon is depicted as homosexual. The author picks and chooses words out the Bible and depicts images out of Legos which are taken at face value.
But reviewing many other illustrations (such as Jesus appearing in a women’s evening gown with pearls around His neck to illustrate the Roman soldiers dressing Him in an “elegant robe” or the apostles pulling a rabbit out of a hat to illustrate their performing many miracles among the people) confirmed that Smith has a very mocking, skewed way of interpreting the text.
This book is FAR more graphic than it is necessary to be. Sure, the Bible talks about circumcisions and be-headings, but this book shows GRAPHIC images of Lego people having their penis cut off or being be-headed. It is written by an atheist and it is not a good Bible!!!!
I felt like Brendan took all of the violence & sin he could find in the Bible and left out all the love and hope.
It’s the product of allowing someone with no respect for the God, the Bible, or even classic literature to take a scissors to the verses in the Bible and paste only the ones they choose, in whatever order they choose, to paint a very sick and twisted suggestion of what, in their opinion, may have happened, or would simply be an entertaining read- you know, to get a good laugh at Christians who believe in Jesus and God as being loving and just.
I received this book as a gift for my 5 year old. The concept seemed great and the book was beautiful, but once I started reading it, I noticed it was not at all appropriate. One picture shows a eunuch who had just removed his private part with a knife leaving blood between his legs. Another photo that goes with the bible about losing a body part rather then having your whole body cast into hell, was very violent. There are parts of the bible that are not at all biblical. Like God created humans all at once, before he created Adam and Eve in the Garden. This was written by an atheist and would frighten any children away from God, not help them grow closer to Him. Beware.
I bought this hoping to enjoy time with my son, God, and legos. as i was reading, after creation, all the stories were bloody, sexual, portrayed God as a merciless killer and none of your typical sunday school stories are told. It even shows David and Jonathan kissing like a gay couple.
Incest, homosexual acts, rape …need I go on?
The author of this book perverts these passages by putting them
together into this blasphemous storyline: (The following are
sequential quotations from The Brick Bible: The New Testament and I am not omitting any words or sentences in the midst of these quotes to misrepresent the authors interpretation/spin.The “…” are included in the book.) He writes: “Do you think I have come to bring peace on earth? No, I tell you, but hostility!
From now on there will be fieve in one family divided against each other, three against two… … and two against three. I have come to set son against father… …daughter against mother… … and daughter-in-law against mother-in-law. If anyone does not hate his father, mother, children, brothers, sisters, and yes, even his own life, he cannot be my disciple. Many who heard him were astonished and said,’ Where did he get these ideas? Isn’t this the carpenter? The son of Mary and brother of James, Joses, Judas, and Simon? And aren’t his sisters here with us?’ The people in the synagogue were furious. They drove him out of the town and took him to the edge of the hill to throw him down the cliff. He could do n o miracle there, but he slipped through the crowd and went on his way.” The photo also depicts that as Jesus runs away from the cliff, some other person is falling over the edge screaming.
Atheist with an Agenda! Check out his website. He is NOT interested in presenting the truth of the Bible–he presents the stories to depict God as an angry, vindictive, dictator. His other editions portray circumcision and sex with legos–definitely not kid-friendly!

Here is a sequence that is disturbing:


Then here are more, some repeats of the ones already posted. NOT FOR CHILDREN to be sure: