As scary as the stuff on this page is, it’s also humerus. I know there is no hope for this country, it’s too late. Knowing there is nothing I can do to fix it, I just laugh at the fools as they bring this country to what they think it should be, because once these liberals achieve their goal, they’ll realize how wrong they were, they’ll realize how they were deceived, and get what they deserve for being arrogant, stupid, for not using their brains.

I’ll start with protestors that don’t know why or what they are protesting:

Here protestors get angry because they can’t answer why they hate Trump:

Well, just when I say “this is actually the dumbest thing I’ve seen so far” someone comes along and sets a new low:

WOW!!! Okay, it’s just getting worse, I think this radio caller tops them all “obama pays for welfare”:

I have not comment on this except jail is the perfect place for this…:

What really surprises me is that after this embarrassing exhibition of stupidity, someone actually started to applaud.

This shows how liberals will blindly follow their leaders, right off the cliff:

Stupidity at its best: