Amazon Questions

I’m looking at air fryers on Amazon and some of the questions and answers are just amazing. The one that gets to me the most is when someone asks a question then someone else answers “I don’t know”. Really? You don’t know so you answer the question? If you don’t know, then why would you write up that as an answer?

What goes through my mind is how do these people survive daily? What scares me is that many of these people are driving cars, on the road, the same road my wife is driving my kids on. If they’re this stupid, they are a danger to all around them.

Here are a few from when I was looking at air fryers:

Question: Is the cardboard supposed to come out? Also anyone else get a “recipe” book with like 4 recipes in it?
My answer: no, leave the cardboard in, it adds flavor. Really? Are you really so dumb that you think cardboard is part of a fryer? Wow, just too stupid…

Question: Is this electric? Does it have to be plugged in or can I take it camping without electricity?
What I wanted to say is, no, it works on magic. It’s called an ELECTRIC AIR FRYER, IN THE NAME!!! Or, if this person thought it could run on batteries, yea, 400 degree cooking for 1/2 hour, you’d have to be pretty dumb to think that’s possible. Yea, 2 AAA batteries will last a month…..

Question: I bought this in July and my basket is worn already?, this can’t be normal. Can I get just the basket replaced
Answer: My fryer did not work when I received. So how can you answer this question, if you never even use it?
Taylor S · December 15, 2018

Question: Can you make toast in this?
Answer: You can make French fries. Really!
DJ · October 1, 2018

Question: This type of cooking seems like oven frying if you ask me. Is this the same thing? If so, I’m not wasting my money.
Answer: Not sure how it works I bought it as a gift for someone. Sorry can’t help you much on this. If you don’t know then let someone who does know answer.
Karla Davis · July 4, 2016

Question: am concern about a re view stating the bottom tray started to peel after 6 handwashings?
Answer: I returned my unit because it did not cook as I expected. It was too small for my family size and the timing set to prepare food was entirely different than the actual timing I usually used to prepare foods. It took too long to prepare foods and the foods did not taste that good. So with this said, I did not have my unit long enough to know if the unit would peel after so many washings. see less Really? this person types ALL THIS CRAP just to end up with an answer that says they don’t know.. Someone was waiting for an answer, then when they get an email telling them there has been an answer, they find this, how inconsiderate.
GDER · November 5, 2016

Question: Is seasoning easy when not using oil?
Answer: Not easy at all when it don’t work after the return limit is up. What a absolutely stupid answer!
enorym · June 2, 2018

Okay, this one I laughed at:
Question: are there accessories such as baking pans for the chefman 1.6 liter air fryer?
Answer: No there are not none okay, not none, so that means there are some?
By sharolyn mccreary on May 18, 2018