Idiots With Cars

I went to park my car and as this picture shows, the idiot didn’t come close to parking in the center of his spot.
So, when I tried to get out of my car, my door bumped his van. The driver was probably in the store but there was someone in the passenger seat.
When I came out there was a nasty note on my windshield insinuated they might have sabotaged my car. On the note there were some swear words and it said “I hope your car makes it home alright”. Really? You crowd the space next to you because you’re too inconsiderate to center your car in your parking spot, then get mad at the person struggling to get out of their car because of you? What an idiot.
This is what I’m finding more and more, someone screws up and gets mad at others. You screwed up, don’t blame others, own up to it. Any idiot can blame others for their shortcomings, it shows strength of character to own up to your mistakes & shortcomings.