The Dairy Industry Explained in 5 minutes

Before you watch the video, here is some information on the health of milk.

The dairy industry is a business, this is what people are ignorant about. They tell people that milk is good for health, to sell more milk, and people just suck it right up (you can take that both ways). The dairy industry does not care about your health, anyone who thinks so is a fool, they only care about one thing, the same thing all businesses are interested in, MONEY!

In order to make money, businesses will say whatever it takes to make the sale, the dairy INDUSTRY is no different. They tell you it makes you stronger and healthier but the truth came to me from a doctor, my wifes obstetrician. When my wife was pregnant her obstetrician put her on prenatal vitamins, then told her to limit her milk intake because it blocks the absorption of iron, among other key nutrients. Well, Since it blocks the absorption of iron and other key nutrients, why would you ever drink it? Pregnant or not! Something else the came to mind, if milk helps bones grown, why would you drink less milk when there is a fetus growing inside you? Wouldn’t that affect he growth of the fetus? The doctor wasn’t concerned about that, more proof that drinking milk for bone growth is a lie.

So, not only is milk NOT healthy like they claim, it’s actually un-healthy. Milk not only blocks the bodies ability to absorb iron and other key nutrients, it causes arthritis. WHAT? You might ask, milk is good for bones you might say. Well, this is another lie. Yes, calcium does help bones, but not from milk. I’m not going to go deeply into this here, I’ll show one example. One of the bad things about milk is that it contains galactose which is highly acidic. In order for your body to compensate, it takes what it needs from your bones, mainly calcium, for the alkali content to bring your body back to a normal ph.

My personal story also proved to me that I don’t need milk for healthy bones. From 20 yrs old on (I’m 53 now), I never drank milk, and between 20yrs and 40yrs I was very athletic. I extreme skied, raced mountain bikes professionally, played hockey and was in martial arts (Karate). I only had a broken bone once, it was early on in my athletic time and it was a very bad wipe out on ice. I never broke another bone in the remaining years of extreme and rough sports. During the healing time for this injury the doctor told me that there was nothing he could do. The collar bone cannot be put in a cast and the bones were too thin to put pins in. He informed me that when someone breaks a collar bone they just have to live with it broken for life. Well, I didn’t listen to him, and I was able to heal it. It took a few weeks of staying as immobile as I could, but one day I realized the bones had fused. At that point I became extremely immobile and careful for another month or so, until the doctor said it was strong enough to get back into sports. The doctor told me many times he was amazed at how fast the bones healed, this was all while NOT drinking any milk. After my collar bone healed, I became even more aggressive in my sports, extreme skiing was my passion but hockey was probably rougher, and never broke another bone. It seemed that the longer I went without milk, the stronger my bones were.

What people don’t know is that you do not need the amount of calcium that the dairy industry claims. You get all the calcium you need from foods like broccoli, spinach, sesame seeds, oranges, white beans, canned salmon, sardines, dried figs, bok choy, kale,  black-eyed peas, almonds,  turnip greens, seaweed among other foods, and when you get it from foods like this, you absorb it better. Study this for yourself.

But why would you want get your calcium from these sources when drinking milk is easier, well, that’s what this video is about: